Prom Dress Terms You Should Know About

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Shopping for prom dresses can really cause one to become bewildered, frustrated and tired. There are already so many types of formal gowns and dresses to choose from which only adds to the insanity! Would you agree? Even the terms that describe these dresses can be a little over the top. When going into a shop and talking to a sales person, you might feel overwhelmed so here are some very helpful definitions of terms to help you become informed when going out or simply browsing gowns online.
Thanks to Chris Robertson of Fibre2Fashion for putting together this awesome prom-dictionary for all us!

Tips on Buying Prom Dresses

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Hello dearies! For today, I'd like to share to you some tips to keep in mind when buying or shopping for gowns/dresses for special occasions. The time has almost come for prom season! I'm sure that most of you would go for what you really want - maybe it's the style, the color or the cut perhaps? If you want to buy and choose something that won't cause any regrets, then read on! 

Think of your Budget 
Yes, you are very much excited to buy that dream dress for the prom or for a birthday party, but maybe you should think first of how much you can spend. It's either you end up loving the dress or getting disappointed later on, or worst, spending more than the budget you set! So it's really important to set up a budget that you're comfortable with. 

Shop early 
If you got an invitation way ahead of time, it;s better if you could scour boutiques, dress shops or even online shops that offer the same thing. Give yourself more time to choose, in that way you won't end up feeling pressured and ultimately end up choosing a dress you may regret buying. Why not try Milly Bridal that offer long prom dresses? Prom dresses can basically be used for any fancy occasion, may it be debuts or weddings. 

Deal with Dress Codes 
Before you think of even buying that gorgeous backless dress, know the dress code of this event you're going to attend? Where is the venue? Is this dress going to fit an event held in the beach? Or is the event happening in the daytime? Find out if the event has guidelines on what to wear. 

Be Clear on the Dress Style 
It would be better if you know what style you'd like your dress to have whether classic, modern, glam. It can save you much time if you have a clear vision of what you want. 

Choosing or buying the perfect dress ain't easy but there are lots of ways you can do to make it fun and enjoyable. Happy dress hunting! 

Prom is Coming Soon!

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Right after New Year's Celebration, I'm pretty sure that most of the high school seniors and juniors are getting ready for a very special occasion in February. And you guessed it right, it's finally prom season again! I remember my very first prom night - it was special because everything was so new to me. It's not all the time we get all dolled up in high school right? We only get to do that on a few occasions so we, women most especially, get all hyped up about it. I, for once,had my prom dress custom-made and I remember that it was an elegant midnight blue and it fit my slim body perfectly. My mom wanted it tailor-made so it was a really tedious process. However, if you don't want waiting too long for your dress to be ready, you can always find prom dresses online which are affordable. 

Take for example this lovely site called Milly Bridal. I would definitely recommend you to visit the site most especially if you're searching for a perfect prom dress. They just released almost eighty (80) elegant designs of cheap prom dresses for February's very special celebration. These designs will really make you feel like a princess whose on her way to the ball. Like what I always say, prom dresses are very versatile because once prom is over, you can use it for any special event you can think of which is very convenient because then you wont have to spend thousands for a lovely new dress!