Online Photo Editing: FOTOR

Friday, May 06, 2016 No comments
Let’s all admit it, most of us love photos! Why, it is evident in how many photos we post on our social media accounts. We love taking them whenever and wherever! Heck, we even do it even when we are feeling sad, just so we can get the point across. Photos do a lot of things for us – they preserve memories and capture the fun times. 

I, for one, love taking photos. Maybe that is the reason why I own a smart phone and a DSLR camera – to take better pictures with! But what if I tell you that there is an online app you can use to enhance your photos? We are suckers for presentable, like-worthy and perfect quality photos to post online. I’ll tell you, you can have them in an instant with FOTOR! is an online photo-editing site that enable users to easily edit photos the way they want. I am actually impressed with how Fotor works because it is super easy that even those who have no prior knowledge in photo editing will find it very useful and user-friendly. Thanks to their easy to identify and use icons, you can now create awesome photos. It loads pretty fast especially when you have to upload a high resolution image which helps you to start and finish right away. Fotor saves you the time from downloading and installing an editing application or software to your computer because it is readily available online.

As you log in to the site, you will be welcomed with different tabs which you click to start your editing adventure. You just have to upload a photo, use the different editing techniques such as cropping, effects, frames, color alteration, filters, adding text and then when you're satisfied with it, you just click SAVE and voila - you have an awesome photo without the need for intricate mouse-work. I am impressed by the wide array of effects and filters that Fotor has as well as massive amount of Clip Art that you can use when editing. It is even better because you can also create collages with a number of photos that you have. 

The site also features Photo Greeting Card where you can come up with super fun photos on a pre-made template. All you have to do is to find a good photo, insert it in there, edit the messages with the super easy to use editing tool and you’re ready in no time! Some apps make it hard to produce one, but Fotor's makes it super easy with their numerous templates which you just need to alter depending on your taste and preference. It’s very convenient and time-saving. Overall, Fotor is an effective photo-editing tool, very easy to use and most of all it's FREE! 

My Cobalt Blue and White Dreams

Thursday, March 17, 2016 1 comment

Lately, most of my closest friends and batch mates have been getting married! Every time I go on Facebook, my feed gets all stuffed with wedding and pre-nup photos, bridal showers and wedding inspo. I can't help but think of my own wedding day too. I just turned 26 this year and I feel like getting married is something that I would want for myself. So I asked myself, If I were the one getting married, what would I want for my my own wedding? I thought of a theme that suits my taste - a Cobalt Blue and White themed wedding. I've got some inspo right off of WWW. 

Cobalt Blue really adds energy and a playful vibe when combined with white. It also gives the theme an overall calming look. It just looks elegant to me. Do you agree?

Winter fashion trends

Wednesday, March 09, 2016 No comments
Every season has a trend; simply because it is cold out, doesn't mean winter isn't included in this sentiment. So, what are some of the top trends from the 2015/2016 winter season? What will you wear that is sure to stand out? These are a few of the top trends which have been seen frequently in the past several months. 

Graphic black & white -  Zebra prints, zig-zag, checkers, and more. Not only do these stand out in a crowd, you can also wear nearly any sweater, any coat, tunic, or other piece of clothing, which the pattern will stand out with. Top designers have gotten into the game, so should you. 

Reefer jacket - The US Navy design is one which has stood out for quite a while and, this winter season is no different. It can easily be dressed up with a nice pair of slacks and a blouse or dressed down with jeans. It goes well with boots or other winter shoes as well. 

Arctic fur - If you have always wanted to wear fur, now's the time to do so. With various styles, color varieties, and full pieces or accent pieces you can truly find these arctic pieces which will work for any occasion or event. 

Velvet tops or skirts, quilted jackets, and slick vinyl, have all been seen in high volumes, and have been seen on some of the top runways over the past several months as well. So, whether you want to dress it up, or go casual for the day, while still feeling warm enough when you are outside, these are some of the top trends to consider. You will not only look good you are sure to stand out in a crowd with the right colour choice and the right designer name brand options with these fashion trends as well. There are multiple sites which offer these products many of which are classed as home shopping catalogues, for a full list of catalogues in the UK, visit