REVIEW: Mary Kay True Dimensions Lipstick

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Hello dearest friends and family (if you are reading this), I am sooo back to blogging right now! I sorely missed posting relevant things on here. With a lot on my hands lately, I cannot possibly squeeze in time to do all the necessary steps to formulate a blog post. You see, I just got promoted at work which then translates into more workload and responsibilities for me -- not that I'm complaining. I am very much pleased to be blessed with this. Another thing is school, as you all know (or not) that I'm taking up Masters in Public Administration so it's a pretty tight sched I have right here. Nevertheless, I am blessed to be alive and well. Yey!

Fast forward to now, I'd like to begin the month of September with a fresh beauty post! Hurray for BER months! Are you all excited? Thanksgiving is just around the corner and it's something be excited about. Anyway, back to my beauty post... Just last week, I received two parcels separately from one of my favorite makeup brands, Mary Kay Philippines. For today though, I'll have to review just one of the two products they sent me which is their True Dimension Lipstick!

What to do about dreaded wrinkles

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There are few people in the world that can honestly say they love their wrinkles. While wrinkles can be perceived as a symbol of wisdom and experience, they are more often an unwelcome sign of growing older.

1.See a professional:

People who are unhappy about their wrinkles often seek the services of cosmetic industry professionals, such as Dr Joseph Ajaka. They go to Dr Ajaka for advice about the surgical and non-surgical strategies that can be used to lift sagging skin, plump out fine lines, and refresh a dull complexion.

There’s no doubt that Botox, fillers, lasers, face lifts, and liposuction are the most effective procedures for remedying the signs of age. However, a range of creams and peels exist and can be used if you are not ready for surgery or receiving treatment via a needle. So, if you would like to try a non-invasive anti-aging treatment first, here is a list of the best:

Give Thoughtful Gifts without Overspending

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Some of the most festive times of year occur around holidays, during which families and friends engage in gift-giving traditions to mark and celebrate holidays. Giving gifts is part of the festive seasons surrounding Christmas and New Year's, but families also exchange birthday present, as well as gifts symbolic of a variety of religious holidays. And while giving and receiving gifts is a good time, it can also lead to overspending when it is not closely monitored.

Some shoppers budget for holiday gift spending throughout the year, setting aside funds for buying gifts for family and friends. In fact, many prudent planners actually buy the gifts over time, so they are prepared when the holiday season falls. Although spreading purchases out over time and budgeting for holiday spending are great ways to ease the sudden impact of holiday spending, the approach still relies on your hard earned money to make holiday buys. No matter how you account for the cash, saving money on holiday gift giving is essential for some families struggling with slowed cash flow.