Let's Chill at Baguio

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Strawberries at Benguet Strawberry Farm
Hello love! The past few months have been a blast for me, but not for this blog. Inspiration sometimes can be elusive and I cannot blame myself for the lack of it. Or should I? I've practically been a hermit for these past months or not. There were few exciting things - my trip to Baguio with workmates, playing Clash of Clans lately and hosting. Oftentimes, it was just work. And nothing much happens with work. Anyway, I just hope that this year will be different for me and this blog. For now, I'll leave you with some of my Baguio trip photos.

Be the Center of the Party!

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Parties and special occasions are just some of the most exciting and romantic events in a woman’s life. These events that require a strict dress code doesn't happen every day that is why one must really prepare for it by choosing an outfit that would suit the occasion well. In this day and age, beautiful evening dresses are available in many shapes, sizes and color. These are also the outfits that would make a woman shine the most in any special event. 

Look Your Best in an Evening Dress

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You are invited to an elegant evening party with your boss and colleagues. You say yes right away. How bad can a party be, right? But then you decide to what to wear, open your closet and find that there is nothing suitable to be worn on an elegant evening party. How sad can that be? Well not as much. Numerous online shops have already sprouted and it is up to you to shop for the best and affordable being dresses. There is no stopping you from browsing hundreds upon hundreds of sites that offer elegant dresses –even when you are at the comfort of your own home or office.